Secured tarpaulin systems - nets and tarps

Since 1995, OTEXIO has been working on the issue of safety during the covering and uncovering operations of containers and trucks.

Indeed, all trucks, trailers, and containers that transport waste must be covered by a tarp or a net.

These covering and uncovering operations are sometimes done at height on semi-trailers-trailers or open top container containers, resulting in serious falls and accidents. In order to reduce these risks of work accidents, transport companies are looking for simple, efficient and secure systems to avoid drivers having to climb into the containers.

Tarp and net manufacturers have logically turned to research and the creation of this type of system.

This has led OTEXIO to develop solutions that meet different types of covering:

- RCOVER® sliding covering system on rails, a quick solution to work safely and valorize your waste.
- ROLLCOVER® tarp system fixed on the containers with ground-level manipulation using a crank. This system, called Rollplane, is widely used in Germany. It is also found in recycling and agriculture as equipment on many semi-trailers-trailers.
- SLIDECOVER® sliding covering system that works very simply with a net or a tarp that slides on cables.
- Moving floors net systems installed on a chassis or on the ground for semi-trailers-trailers or moving floors of the Legras, Benalu, STAS, and other types. We offer several qualities that are very suitable for aftermarket equipment.
- Replacement nets and handling accessories for covering systems for independent manufacturers' open top container systems such as the HyTower, TransCover or Palcover.


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