Protective covers for the environment

Protective covers for the environment

OTEXIO has been working with waste management professionals for over 20 years, offering nets and covers for containers, as well as protective nets against the nuisances associated with waste management: waste containment, dust control, and privacy screens.

In line with our services, we have responded to our clients' requests to protect sites with textile covers, which also help reduce the nuisances associated with waste management.

These net fabrics and covers can be directly laid on the ground horizontally to mitigate the effects of wind, rain, odours, and dust.

Based on our clients' demands, we have developed a complete range of technical textiles that address these issues:
- Anti-litter covers: weekly covers
- Breathable anti-odour waste covers
- Waterproof covers: temporary covers

The next question was how to install these covers. Therefore, we have developed the necessary winders and unwinders for their deployment over the waste.

To continue providing the best solutions to our clients, we have responded to numerous requests to cover leachate or water retention basins and have developed net covers as well as waterproof covers for rainwater collection.

Lastly, we offer a complete range of basin accessories that meet safety standards: ladders, nets, buoys, and life jackets.

Our entire sales team is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.


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