LÜRA steel walls

LÜRA steel walls

LÜRA walls made of steel are mobile on the operating site, modular and can be extended to all types of stabilised ground (very high). Very stury, they will withstand all the stresses of a waste treatment site: waste pressure, wind, impact of machinery, fire, etc... and even the weight of a metal-textile cover. Ideal for storing bulk products, they can be installed in record time.

The empty partitions are delivered to the storage area. On site, they are filled with sand, gravel, pebbles, earth or water, giving them impressive stability and enabling them to form the load-bearing walls of storage sheds.

LÜRA walls combine many functions: storage walls, protection against fire, wind, sight or noise, or as supports for handling equipment. The LÜRA system is suitable for almost all bulk products and provides a specific solution for storage and sorting requirements with a range of 3 different partitions.

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In addition to having its projects validated by independent design offices, OTEXIO guarantees its structures with ten-year insurance and certifies the conformity of all its installations.


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