Protective covers for containers

Protective covers for containers

The waste is undoubtedly dirty and therefore dirties the container that carries it.

The containers are always dirty and damaged by the waste. Most of the waste is removed when the containers is emptied. Some sticky waste sticks, which requires daily maintenance for clean and safe transportation.

Containers washing is a specific operation that involves taking the containers to the washing station and taking the time to wash it with a pressure washer and a shovel or brush. The contaminated water must then be treated. This whole operation takes time and therefore costs a lot.

That is why, often the containers are not washed and the sticky waste accumulates at the bottom of the containers. The transportation is therefore done with the containers more or less full, which also costs a lot. In extreme cases, the containers is full and no longer usable. A new one must then be purchased.

To avoid this, many operations use polyane film at the bottom and sides of the containers. This film is installed with tape to best protect the containers from sticky waste: sewage sludge, hydrocarbon sludge, paper pulp, concrete, cement, paint, various pasty waste, etc. This operation of installing the plastic film takes too much time. It saves you from a tedious and costly interior containers washing !

PROTECSKIP® inliners

Therefore, we have thought of a standard plastic product preformed in advance to the size of the containers. We have created the PROTECSKIP® range of products, consisting of custom-made plastic film or natural fibre canvas bags that protect the entire containers and can be installed in minutes.

Advantages of PROTECSKIP®:

  • Protects containers from sticky waste = clean and safe transportation
  • Allows containers to be made watertight
  • Easy installation on all types of containers
  • Clean and fast unloading
  • Considerable reduction in operating costs by eliminating containers washing
  • Custom-made manufacturing

Making a containers watertight at a lower cost :

Another major advantage of PROTECSKIP® is the ability to make a containers watertight. If an operation urgently needs watertight containers and none are available, simply install a plastic film bag to make it watertight.

These bags are emptied along with all the waste from the containers. Nothing sticks to the walls of the containers or container anymore. No more hours of containers washing and containers half full of sticky waste.

Latest innovation: PROTECSKIP® Bio, 100% biodegradable and compostable. The solution to reduce operating costs associated with the interior cleaning of bins, for all waste and recycling transport operators who transport sticky, liquid, food waste, etc.


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