Installation and fixing accessories

Installation and fixing accessories

OTEXIO has a wide range of installation accessories in stock that allow for the durable fixation of nets onto structures.

These accessories are dimensioned according to each of our clients' projects. They will vary depending on whether it is an anti-litter net, an anti-dust net, or an anti-bird net.

The metallic products for fixing nets and structures include:
- 6mm and 8mm carabiners
- 10mm and 12mm tensioners, or even larger depending on wind zones
- 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm cables, along with corresponding cable ties

We also offer textile products in stock or for custom fabrication that can be integrated into the nets to reinforce them or make their use easier:
- Perimeter edging to reinforce the edges of mesh nets: 8mm 14mm diameter, overlocked or sewn into the meshes
- Lifting ropes for pulley systems used in mobile anti-litter netting systems

All of these ropes are of high quality, treated with UV protection, and have no elongation.


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