OTEXIO manufactures nets for the transportation, environmental, industrial and sports sectors. We have developed our ranges of containers nets, environmental nets and industrial nets to offer our customers quality products.

The protection of people and the environment is our main development focus. This drives us to offer innovative solutions: covering systems, structures for the environment and industry.

With our year-round workshop, we also offer custom-made nets to our customers.

For OTEXIO, custom-made nets represent more than 35% of the production of transport protection nets and 85% of the production of environmental and industrial protection nets.

Our team of technical sales representatives, in collaboration with our design department, travels throughout Europe to support you in your net equipment projects and offer you a turnkey custom solution.

Custom-made nets

for transportation

For our customers in the transportation sector, we visit your site to take measurements of your containers and offer you a custom-made net tailored to your needs according to several criteria:
  • Type of truck: containers truck, roll-off truck, multi-containers truck, flatbed truck, semi-trailers-trailer, trailer
  • Type of waste transported: general industrial waste, cardboard, plastic, agricultural waste, green waste, scrap metal, paper, etc.
  • Covering system to be equipped

for the environment

For our customers in the environmental sector, we visit your site to study your project according to your needs and specifications, taking into account several criteria:
- Anti-litter system and type of waste
- Dust control/windbreak/privacy screen/anti-rain/anti-bird, etc.
- Project height and length
- Desired fixing type
- Type of ground
- Site access

Our sales team is at your disposal to offer you the most suitable solution for your needs.


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