LiteCover® training

LiteCover® training

The delivery of the LiteCover® covering system must be accompanied by specific training provided to the drivers responsible for tarping/un-tarping operations, future users of the system.

We offer 2 formats for this training:
  • Format 1: 1 driver / 1 hour
  • Format 2: Half-day for 6 to 8 drivers per group of two.

Importance of LiteCover® training:

Experience shows that the biggest difficulty concerns the behaviour of the drivers and their preconceptions about the changes brought with the LiteCover® covering system in their work habits.

It is therefore important to convince them through the implementation of training and strong involvement of management to generate change. A LiteCover® training video support is available upon request.

OTEXIO also commits to following up with users and their supervisors over time.

It takes approximately 3 years to achieve a usage rate above 80%.

OTEXIO provides training sessions, follow-up reminders and regular meetings every 6 months with the project manager.

Discover the LiteCover® system in video.


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