Inliners and Big Bags

Inliners and Big Bags

Plastic PE inliners and big bags are used in various industrial sectors for bulk storage, waste transportation, and collecting recyclable materials. They complement each other for waste collection operations: one will protect equipment and containers, while the other offers greater flexibility and enables true agility in collection and optimization of pickup/sorting.

  • Construction: In the construction industry, big bags are used to transport and unload materials such as sand, gravel, bricks, concrete blocks, cement, and other materials needed on construction sites.

  • Waste and recycling: Plastic inliners and big bags are used to collect and transport industrial waste, construction debris, used chemicals, and recyclable materials.

Due to their versatility, durability, and reusability, plastic inliners and big bags have become popular and effective solutions for transporting and handling bulk materials in many industries.


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