Press-container mesh/netting

Press-container mesh/netting

OTEXIO offers a range of nets for press-containers (suitable for compaction containers):
  • MONOBLOC press-container net
  • LiteCover® for monobloc press-container
  • Fixed net on press-container with strap and winding bar
These nets are made from our superior woven micro-mesh net reference, NETLINE® SUP (except for LiteCover®).

This net is installed at the rear mouth of the press-container truck to prevent waste from flying during transport.

Confection of nets for press-containers:
  • Standard confection: 1.80 x 1.20 m or 1.80 x 1.40 m, reinforced edges and metal eyelets placed every 30 cm, elastic edge containersding
  • Custom confection: dimensions, addition of straps, gussets, etc. according to your needs In addition to the net, you will find in the
Accessories section the bars and broaching cables to be installed inside the containers and at the opening to hold the waste in place despite the pressure.


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