Nets for tipper trucks

Nets for tipper trucks

There are many automatic covering systems for open top container, semi-trailers, and multi-chain containers.

Cramaro, Donovan, Transcover, and others are specialized manufacturers of automatic covering systems.

Some containers manufacturers develop their own covering system. Not all of them are leaders in custom nets and tarps.

OTEXIO manufactures replacement nets and tarps for automatic covering systems and improves them to make them even more efficient and durable.

To complete the range, we also offer all accessories to assist in the handling of these covering systems.

Our wide range of nets and tarps allows us to create custom quality products for all major covering systems, throughout France and Germany.

Our average lead time is 15 days, and for certain predetermined and validated products with our customers, we can have a buffer stock that allows delivery within 48/72 hours.

We also offer accessories that are adaptable to these nets and tarps, which are our specialty and make the use of covering systems even easier and safer.


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