The waterproof big bag category is intended for the storage, transportation, and handling of waste that requires total protection against air or humidity, such as:

  • Pulverized products (solid in appearance, crumbles to the touch)
  • Powders, dry products
  • Wet sludge
  • Non-hazardous products
  • Liquids
To make the big bag waterproof: Add an inliner bag made of sewn or glued polyethylene that will protect the waste, reinforce the seams (doubling) to make them airtight, and coat the fabric.

We have a range of 7 standard size references in stock, from 0.9 to 1.5 m³, to be selected based on several criteria : BBN-009:

  • Internal dimensions = 94 x 94 x 100 cm (volume 0.9 m³)
  • Maximum load = 1500 kg
  • Fabric = 160 g/m²
  • Filling skirt - flat bottom
  • Safety coefficient 5/1
Our team of technical sales representatives is at your disposal to guide you in choosing the most suitable reference for your needs.


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