Waste cover tarps

Waste cover tarps

Why choose a heavy and expensive tarpaulin to protect merchandise if it is not used for transportation ?

The first question to ask when purchasing a tarpaulin concerns its main use:

  • Is it intended for transportation?
  • Is it a storage tarpaulin?
  • In this case, what is the nature of the site where it will be used (industrial site, sorting centre, waste storage facility, composting centre, storage of polluted soil, firewood storage area, de-icing salt storage, golf sand storage)?
In order to facilitate installation and reduce costs, a waterproof storage tarpaulin does not have the same constraints as a tarpaulin made for transport.

That is why we offer a range of lighter storage tarps that protect stored goods such as industrial waste, paper, cardboard, sewage sludge, polluted soil, heavy metals, manure, de-icing salt, firewood, etc.

We mainly have 2 tarps specially designed for storage and protection of contents such as sludge, salt, wood, which are suitable for this use: 230 and 400 g/m².

They are made with a reinforced perimeter and eyelets every 0.50 m.

We also offer custom-made manufacturing.

Waste storage poses many issues and nuisances that operators must control in order to prevent site closures.

In ultimate waste storage centres or non-hazardous waste storage facilities, the first problem encountered is the wind blowing away papers and plastics. Indeed, we throw away plastic bags and papers every day, which end up in landfills. When there is wind, these lightweight products fly away and end up in the surrounding areas, creating significant pollution.

OTEXIO therefore offers nets as well as a PE fabric that prevents waste from flying away. This cover is called a weekly cover.

Another significant nuisance caused by waste management is odours. Some sites have significant odour problems that disturb the neighbourhood. We have developed an activated carbon odour-proof tarpaulin that filters and significantly reduces odours. Another major issue on waste storage sites is rain that wets the waste and creates waste juices called leachates. Treating these juices is expensive, which is why operators seek to protect the waste from rain.

We have therefore developed a large-sized waterproof cover that can be directly placed on the waste to protect it from rain. This cover is called a temporary cover.

These covers are installed manually but also very often with the help of unwinders made to measure according to our customers' needs.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about our covers; our sales and technical team travels across Europe to answer your questions and provide the solution tailored to your needs.


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