Over the years, we always focused on providing quality products and service to our customers, that's we have integrated TARPLINE® custom covers into our catalogue: custom PVC covers and custom polyethylene covers.
Waste valorization is a major challenge today in waste management. We offer our expertise and know-how to advise you and provide you with the most suitable solution for your needs and challenges.

OTEXIO specializes in the production of custom covers for trucks and waste containers, as well as waste or goods storage. Regarding waste transportation, the main issue faced by most of our customers is protecting the waste from humidity, rain, and snow. As a standard net is not sufficient, our waste transport customers (paper, cardboard, scrap metal, and general industrial waste, agricultural products) have gradually requested waterproof covers from us.

Our range of custom-made covers includes:

- Covers for waste containers
- Covers for grain hoppers
- Custom covers for seeding
- Roll covers
- Covers for asphalt
- Odor-resistant covers
- Mud covers for waste containers
- Protective covers for trucks
- Trailer covers
- Transport covers for waste containers and more

For customers who need a cover to store waste or goods on-site, we have developed lighter and easier-to-install covers at the best market price. We offer a wide range of PVC and polyethylene covers according to your needs:

- Protective covers: waste covers
- Storage PVC covers
- Odor-resistant covers
- Agricultural covers
- Covers for basins


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