Adventure park nets, tree climbing

Adventure park nets, tree climbing

Securing tree climbing parks, leisure parks, and adventure parks

For many years, OTEXIO has been manufacturing custom climbing nets to secure tree climbing parks, leisure areas and adventure parks.

These projects have seen significant growth in the 2000s, with the strong expansion of leisure parks, tree climbing parks, and now indoor leisure activities for children and parents.

In this regard, OTEXIO is closed to its clients, designers, installers, and operators of amusement parks, tree climbing parks and indoor leisure areas, by providing them with its expertise in the production of custom nets and tarps for sports.

  • Knotted rope nets
  • Climbing nets
  • Walking nets
  • Spider nets
  • Pandora's box nets
  • Fall protection nets
  • Trampoline nets
  • Slide tarps
  • Protective tarps with foam

European-made tree climbing nets

Our key principles are quality, safety and customer satisfaction. That is why we strive to select European fabric manufacturers for nets and tarps, who offer consistent fabric quality and ensure high-quality UV protection treatment and coloration of the nets, resulting in a long lifespan.

Feel free to contact us for your tree climbing nets or adventure park projects, anywhere in France and Germany.

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