Workshop pit protection net

OTEXIO has developed and patented a special protection net to close and secure pits in the event of a fall. A protective net has been developed for your pits with an exceptional resistance of 1200J.

The net that makes up the patented PROTECPIT® system is of very high quality.

It is made of high-tenacity nylon (polyamide) treated with UV protection. This raw material is highly resistant to cleaning agents and has a very high melting point of over 250 degrees.

We use a net that is dyed black throughout. This particular treatment is different from dyeing a fabric in a bath, which prevents it from bleeding.

The workshop pit net has a mesh size of 60 mm and a wire diameter of 6 mm, which gives it exceptional strength in the event of a fall.

These small meshes have the advantage of not allowing tools used during truck or utility vehicle repair operations to pass through.

All our nets are equipped with a reinforced strap around the perimeter to hold them securely in the event of a fall inside.

Finally, we equip the net with yellow strap bands to ensure visibility and include the indications "DO NOT WALK" and "DO NOT STORE".


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