How to choose the right safety net for your workshop pit?

Selecting the right protective net for your workshop pit is essential for the safety of individuals. The workshop pit is a storage and work space that can be exposed to chemicals such as waste and hazardous products. To prevent the major risk of falls associated with pits, OTEXIO recommends high-strength support nets capable of bearing loads of several tens of kilograms. Compared to other traditional covering systems like tarps and rigid covers, our solutions offer numerous advantages. When choosing your protective net, consider the following factors.

Defining a specification

The regulation regarding workshop pits was amended and reinforced on January 3, 2022. The French government introduced modifications to the Health and Safety at Work Regulation with several aimed at further improving the safety of repair pits and preventing accidents and fall risks. While installing a chain around a workshop pit is a standard measure to reduce fall risk, it only temporarily prevents visitors from approaching the pit.

The new regulation introduces measures such as :
  • pit protection
  • signage
  • the installation of fall prevention nets
Benefits of our workshop pit protection nets our protection nets, specially designed for workshop pits, provide the following benefits:
  • Easy, fast, and effective use to save time
  • Compatibility with additional tools
  • Maintenance of natural light and ventilation inside the pit through the net's mesh
  • Resistance to UV rays and cleaning products
  • Fire-resistant net (M1 standard)
  • Clear "no walking or storage allowed" signage
  • Reinforcement with reflective yellow bands

The importance of standards compliance

Standards are regulations that generally define the rules for manufacturing products or providing services. Compliance with standards ensures proper functioning and safety in the creation, use, and management of your business, aimed at the safety of all users, including workers.

Protection nets ensuring your safety

Protection nets must also adhere to standards to safeguard personnel, users, and the public. All our nets meet current standards, including the EN-1263-1 standard, and comply with CTNIM's R468 recommendations. Our standard-compliant equipment enhances your activity and productivity.

Exceptional resistance to falls

Our workshop pit nets are made of nylon with 30mm mesh and a 4mm diameter thread, offering exceptional resistance to falls and impacts. Ideal for maintenance or vehicle repair operations, the OTEXIO protection net is equipped with strap reinforcement to securely hold in case of a fall. Its mechanical resistance and compliance with CTNIM's R468 recommendations ensure security.

Consulting an expert

Installing an OTEXIO workshop pit net eliminates fall risks on elevated surfaces, keeping your work space operational and secure. Our company offers on-site installation of the protection system, conducted in Europe. Our professionals collaborate with you to choose the best product for your daily needs.

For more information on our protection nets and accessories, consulting an OTEXIO expert is recommended. Our experts can provide tailored solutions, resistant up to 350 kg, with an excellent quality-to-price ratio.
Feel free to contact us for a quote or additional information about delivery, manufacturing lead time, and technical specifications. We ensure prompt responses.