Anti-litter netting cage FENCELINE®

Anti-litter netting cage FENCELINE®

The mobile product that follows the evolution of your site.

Anti-litter netting cages are another commonly used method to prevent waste from flying away in areas where waste dispersion can be a problem. These FENCELINE® cages are structures or enclosures made from solid materials such as metal, aluminium, etc.

anti-litter cages are generally made up of vertical posts and horizontal crossbars that form a grid structure. They are designed to frame a specific area where waste is stored or accumulated, such as a garbage containers or container. The dimensions and configuration of the cages can vary depending on the specific needs of the site. They can be fixed or mobile and custom-built, with a net sized to fit the site's requirements.

The main objective of anti-litter cages is to prevent waste from flying away or dispersing into the environment in case of strong winds. They are often used in landfills, construction sites, industrial sites, or any other place where waste may be subjected to windy conditions.

Our technicians and design office offer you a tailored solution, based on the wind zones and constraints of each site.

On the outskirts of a waste storage area, as close as possible to the emptying area, based on the prevailing winds on a daily basis.

The cages allow you to:

  • Easily deploy according to the site's evolution
  • Be as close as possible to the flyaways
  • Stop waste from flying away as soon as it is emptied
  • Custom manufacture according to the dimensions of your structure
  • Contact our sales department for more information.
In addition to having its projects validated by independent design offices, OTEXIO guarantees its structures with ten-year insurance and certifies the conformity of all its installations.


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