A concrete mass for an anti-litter netting structure is a system used to secure and solidly anchor posts supporting nets designed to protect nature from blown-away waste in the event of strong winds or other environmental phenomena.

The concrete mass is a mass of concrete poured into a special foundation, generally of a large size and shape adapted to the equipment or structure to be secured. The weight of the concrete and the size of the mass are carefully calculated to ensure stability and resistance to loads.

The advantages of concrete masses for anti-litter netting system are as follows:
  • Stability and safety: it provides a solid, resistant base that prevents structures from moving or flying away unintentionally in high winds.
  • Modularity: in the freestanding version, they allow the structure to be moved according to the site's activity.
  • Durability: concrete is a durable material, capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions, offering long-term protection for structures.
  • Adaptability: Concrete foundations can be designed to accommodate different shapes and sizes of structures, providing secure anchorage for a variety of equipment.
  • Relatively simple installation: Once the foundation has been prepared, the concrete is poured into the mass, which generally simplifies the installation process.
It is essential to correctly size the concrete blocks according to the technical specifications and expected wind loads to ensure adequate protection against flying and the safety of the structures concerned. Our design office specialises in the design of these anti scattering devices and is heavily involved in the process of guaranteeing the effectiveness and compliance of the structures with safety standards.

In addition to having its projects validated by independent design offices, OTEXIO guarantees its structures with ten-year insurance and certifies the conformity of all its installations.


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