Micro-mesh coated skip nets NETLINE® COAT

Micro-mesh coated skip nets NETLINE® COAT

The so-called coated containers nets are transport nets of the same construction as waterproof covers but with mesh. They are also called perforated covers.

They are made of a core of polyester multifilament yarn coated with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and treated with UV protection. For the production of our coated nets, we select European fabrics from the largest coated fabric manufacturers.

These nets are widely used to cover waste containers, especially containers frames or moving floor containers, as well as voluntary drop-off point containers (PAV). Indeed, the coated micro-mesh containers nets are very strong and have excellent tear resistance. In addition, their coating allows for easy repairs. By heating and melting the PVC, it is possible to glue a patch to cover holes in the net. The mesh size is in millimetres, which allows these nets to be used to cover any type of waste or container.

Coated micro-mesh nets are also widely used for shading or privacy screens due to their opacity.

We manufacture these fabrics as standard with a sewn or welded peripheral reinforcement on which we place eyelets every 0.50m, and then thread the shock cord 8 or 10mm. We also make custom-made coated nets to meet the needs of our customers: custom shapes, reinforcement gussets for cables, installation of eyelets according to the plans, etc.

We have a state-of-the-art welding machine park, including high-frequency and hot welding machines.

We offer our range of coated micro-mesh nets in 3 references:

  • The strongest net, reference HSK 800, used as a moving floor containers frame net.
  • The standard nets in KSK 250 and HSK 400, used as standard for containers depending on thecolour.


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