Waterproof protective tarpaulins for trucks

We select our waterproof protective covers from the main producers of coated fabrics in Europe. They are made with a core of high tenacity polyester multifilament yarn for better resistance. Then comes a waterproof layer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Our French-made waterproof protective covers are made using the latest technologies in ultrasonic and hot welding for better resistance and long-lasting durability.

We offer custom-made waterproof covers, tailored to your needs and transportation and waste protection issues, to be chosen according to the type of waste being transported. For any specific needs, our team of technical sales representatives is at your disposal to guide you in choosing your custom cover. With a presence in Europe, we can also visit your site for advice and measurements.

Examples of uses for waterproof covers:

  • Sludge containers, waste containers, grain containers
  • Protection of waste against rain and snow
  • Types of waste transported: sludge, paper, cardboard, scrap metal, straw, hay, cereals, wood, green waste, vegetation, asphalt, hot waste, food waste, etc.
Find our standard size TARPLINE® 600 (600 g/m² PVC covers) in our e-shop, available at your doorstep in 48-72 hours.

Available dimensions:

  • 5 m x 3 m
  • 6 m x 3 m
  • 7 m x 3 m


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