Modular building blocks - OTEXBLOCKS®

Modular building blocks - OTEXBLOCKS®

Our OTEXBLOCKS® are modular concrete blocks that can be adjusted and stacked with little or no need for initial foundations, earthworks or civil engineering, enabling you to build a stable wall quickly and easily.

On large-scale projects and when conditions allow, we can pour concrete blocks directly on-site.

The OTEXIO walls built with concrete blocks of dimensions 160x80x80cm are reputed to be REI120 and REI240 regardless of the concrete class used.

However, to ensure that walls are level and plumb, the initial soil type may require :
  • The design and construction of a specific sill plate or concrete slab if it's asphalt or earth.
  • The design and construction of a shim if the existing concrete slab is suitable for receiving the load drops (to be studied by a topographic slab roughness survey).
The pyramid-shaped male and female plugs on the blocks enable them to be fitted together without glue or cement, providing unlimited modularity.

As stable as they are, OTEXBLOCKS® are less expensive, more flexible and 100% removable.

Click here to see a video of one of our projects!

In addition to having its projects validated by independent design offices, OTEXIO guarantees its structures with ten-year insurance and certifies the conformity of all its installations.


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