Secured tarpaulin LiteCover®

Security | the observation

With the obligation to cover the containers in the 90s, a significant safety problem quickly arose during the covering and uncovering operations of the containers.

Indeed, the containers are high, over 2.5m for 30 to 40m3 containers and sometimes even over 4m when the containers is on the truck or for semi-trailers-containers.

Many drivers have had serious accidents due to falling containers during the installation of the net. However, this remains mandatory as the flying of waste during transport can cause even more serious road accidents. Waste transport professionals have therefore sought security solutions for installing and removing containers nets.

The solution proposed by OTEXIO

OTEXIO, as a partner of transport professionals, naturally addressed this issue to develop a simple, efficient, economical and secure product.

The LiteCover® (originally SAFECOVER®) was created in September 2003 and was patented in France and Europe.

Since then, OTEXIO has sold over 40,000 systems in France and abroad. Our technical engineers continue to evolve it to provide even more convenience and speed in the covering and uncovering operations of the containers.

Why choose our secure covering system?

Our expertise allows you to:

  • Firstly, gain peace of mind: by preserving the safety of your operators, you will retain them.
  • Secondly, improve productivity during the covering and uncovering operations of the containers.
  • Finally, save money thanks to its cost, which is much lower than semi-trailers-automatic and 100% automatic secure covering systems.
The LiteCover® system consists of:

  • 1 net per truck and 1 net per trailer. These nets are available in different qualities and dimensions.
  • A hook, an pole, and a handle that allow for easy deployment of the net over the waste. One set is required per truck or coupling (truck and trailer).
  • Fixing kits to simply and durably attach the system to the truck.
  • Training: handling the system requires training provided by OTEXIO in France and abroad, as a training organization.
  • Various accessories that make the use of LiteCover® even more convenient over time
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