Broaching accessories for press-containers

Broaching accessories for press-containers

The press-containers are closed containers with a hole (or mouth) on one side to introduce the waste. The waste is pressed inside to optimize the volume for transportation.

Press-containers are often used for all easily compressible waste.

There are two types of press-containers:

  • Single-block press-containers: the pressing element is fixed 
  • Fixed-post press-containers: the pressing block is removable and remains with the customer. 
In this second case, the containers is separated from the block when it is emptied. The mouth of the press-container is then open and the pressed waste tends to come out in a movement opposite to the direction of compaction.

To prevent waste from coming out, press-containers manufacturers provide metal bars that retain the strong push of the waste. These steel bars bend, are difficult to reposition, and are also very heavy.

That is why OTEXIO has developed two accessories for press-containers with its design office to simplify the broaching operation:

Broaching cable for press-containers:

  • Allows broaching in tight spaces
  • Easy to store and stock on trucks
  • Very resistant to wear: long lifespan
  • Equipped with a 10 mm diameter pin and an 80 mm diameter washer for better grip
  • Handle on one side for a perfect grip during installation
  • Pointed end on the other side to easily pass through the waste

Broaching bar for press-containers:

  • Returns to its shape unlike metal bars
  • Lightweight plastic (4.5 kg)
  • The tip allows easy passage through the waste
  • Pin with a washer for better grip
  • Steel handling handle


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