Ball protection nets

Ball protection nets

OTEXIO designs and manufactures ball netting, suitable for sports such as football, rugby or handball, whether indoors or outdoors.

In these disciplines, our nets are used either on the periphery of the sports field, to protect spectators from balls sent out of bounds, or to secure theneighbourhood and surroundings.

Square mesh nets with a 100 mm mesh size are most commonly installed for these uses.

Football nets

The practice of outdoor football requires the use of nets for several purposes:

For goals

  • The net is mandatory in the goalposts to protect spectators and the surroundings of the football field. We offer custom nets tailored to your needs, whether professional or not, and to the type of game.
  • For separations in the stadium, between supporters of different teams, as well as in front of the stands to protect spectators. Please note that behind the goals, we recommend using a double layer of net.

Rugby nets

The circumference of a rugby ball varies from 50 to 65 cm, with a length ranging from 65 to 79 cm. The references we offer are strong enough to retain the balls.

Handball nets

Handball is an indoor sport played in a gymnasium. In order to protect spectators and structures during matches, it is important to install ball netting on the periphery of the field. Our nets are also suitable for equipping the goals.

Other sports: From manufacturing to installation, we offer a turnkey solution to meet your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact our technical sales team regarding your sports field protection project.


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