TARPLINE® transport covers

OTEXIO has developed a range of custom truck and containers covers, adapted to transportation to meet the demands of its customers: TARPLINE®.

Main uses of our truck covers by our customers

  • containers cover
  • Trailer cover for straw transportation
  • Industrial waste containers
  • Hazardous waste containers
  • Grain containers
  • Sewage sludge containers
  • Furniture and furnishing transport containers
  • Asphalt covers (hot waste) - etc.

Truck covers: a need for waterproofing

One of the main challenges faced by waste transporters is to keep the waste dry, in order to be able to revalorize them once sorted.
This is the case for Eco-mobilier containers, grain containers, sludge containers and demolition containers.

It is important to have a high-quality waterproof truck cover that covers the containers and prevents rain from coming into contact with the transported waste.

The main difficulty encountered by users of containers covers lies in their installation on the containers.

Therefore, we offer a complete range of truck covers: TARPLINE®, with different characteristics, to meet the constraints of transporters, in order to find the best compromise between weight and resistance.

For example, if the transported goods are very sharp (metal scraps, wooden planks, etc.) and overflow from the containers, there is a risk of friction causing abrasion of the waterproof cover. Therefore, we take care to advise our customers on the most durable truck cover, adapted to their needs.


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