Our tips for repairing a truck tarp

To ensure its functions of material protection and road user safety, a truck tarp requires regular checks. Detecting tears or potential damages early on is important to prevent more significant issues. Effective protection of materials and goods transported in trucks and containers is a requirement of road codes. Failure to comply, which poses risks to users and the environment, can lead to penalties. OTEXIO advises on repairing a damaged truck tarp.

Solutions for repairing a truck tarp

Proper maintenance and cleaning of truck tarps firstly minimize wear risks and extend their lifespan. When a tarp is damaged, cleaning and drying are essential before any repair is undertaken. Accidental tears or wear due to aging can then be repaired in different ways based on the tarp's condition and the severity of the damage:

- Using a Repair Kit
- Using Hot Air Welding

Repairing a truck tarp with an adhesive repair kit

A small tear in a truck tarp can be repaired fairly easily and independently using an adhesive repair kit. Basic repair kits include a PVC tarp strip (available in various colors depending on the kits), a cleaner to clean the repair area for optimal bonding, reinforced tape, and a special neoprene PVC adhesive. Some modern kits consist of just an adhesive tarp strip and a degreasing wipe, enabling even quicker intervention for urgent small tears or manageable damage. Equipping your truck cabins with one or two container or trailer tarp repair kits can be useful. Typically including a 1 m² tarp piece, these kits can be used multiple times. You only need to cut the necessary repair area from the tarp piece.

Repairing a truck tarp with hot air welding (Thermowelding)

Most repair kits are for temporary use. Significant damages due to aging or incidents on the road often require professional intervention. The technique used for tarp repair is hot air welding, which creates regular and strong welds. Interventions can generally be completed within a day for medium-sized areas. This durable repair, preventing the need for a new tarp purchase, sometimes requires leaving the tarp at the workshop for several days. The result of a professional weld using a pulsed hot air device is impeccable and robust. Discover the various adhesive repair kits for PVC tarps offered by OTEXIO, as well as our hot air blowers used for tarp welding and plastic material thermoretraction. These are ideal for companies with their own repair and vehicle maintenance workshops.