Privacy screens, windbreaking nets, dust guards

Privacy screens, windbreaking nets, dust guards

Privacy nets are used to hide operations from outside.

For example, a waste treatment site located on a busy street or along a major highway can use a more or less opaque privacy net to conceal its operations.

We offer privacy nets with various fabrics and different type of opacity:
  • 90%
  • 100%, which completely hide the view
The choice is important as it will determine the quality of the corresponding structure.
The fine mesh of these nets is also used to combat wind.

Widely used in agriculture, these nets can block or reduce wind, and are called windbreak nets.

Just like privacy nets, we offer windbreaking nets with various opacities that will more or less reduce wind speed. Concerned about quality, we only offer products of a certain weight and treated with UV protection.

As wind resistance is important, we systematically install eyelets on a peripheral reinforcement.

Finally, we frequently use these 1 mm mesh nets in recycling and waste treatment to reduce dust generated by operations.
Material sorting centres are often located in urban areas, and the resulting dust is regularly a source of inconvenience or even conflict with neighbours.

To address these issues, OTEXIO offers anti-dust nets with a 1 mm mesh that will stop the dust.
We can even provide nets with even tighter meshes to stop ultra-fine dust.

All our privacy nets, windbreaking nets, and anti-dust nets are made of high-density polyethylene treated with UV protection.

The manufacturing is customized according to our clients' needs and based on the requested specifications established in collaboration with them.

Request a visit from a technician.

In addition to having its projects validated by independent design offices, OTEXIO guarantees its structures with ten-year insurance and certifies the conformity of all its installations.


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