Skip and trailer nets

The issue of protection during transportation is an important subject that OTEXIO has been working on for over 30 years.

Since the early 90s, the law requires all goods transportation to be covered.

When there is no need for waterproofing, the covering is done with a mesh or micro-mesh tarpaulin. Indeed, truck nets are lighter, more flexible, and therefore easier to use and handle during tarping and untarping operations.

This is when the use of nets developed in environmental (waste transportation), agricultural (straw and plant transportation), and various types of goods transportation.

Initially, the nets used were fishing nets. Very quickly, micro-mesh nets appeared for their practicality: the meshes do not get caught and the truck protection net slides well on the transported content.
OTEXIO was one of the first companies to offer micro-mesh tarpaulins or millimetre mesh nets for waste and other transportation.

In this line, we have developed a complete range of transportation nets, from mesh nets to micro-mesh nets, with several qualities that can meet our customers' expectations.

A wide range of protection nets and tarps for containers:

  • Resistant: low tear propagation
  • Customizable
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Repairable
  • Different colours

A solution for all types of use:

  • Nets for 4 to 45 m³ containers
  • Frame nets for containers and semi-trailerss
  • Custom-made nets for press-containers, sludge containers, and waste containers
  • Long nets for semi-trailers-trailers and moving floors: LEGRAS, STAS, BENALU...
  • Standard or custom nets for landscaping trucks - Protection nets for construction trucks
  • Retrofit nets for automatic covering systems: Origamme, HyTower, Transcover, Cramaro.
OTEXIO technicians, located throughout France, are at your disposal to study the suitable containers net for your needs, regardless of the type of transportation: industrial waste, metals, paper/cardboard, plants, straw, and others.


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