Ball security nets

Ball security nets

OTEXIO offers a complete range of mesh nets, which are used to protect tennis courts, golf courses and driving ranges, hockey rinks, and other applications.

The Ball security net allows you to secure everything around these sports fields: people, buildings, roads, cars, etc.

Tennis nets

In a gymnasium or outdoor tennis court, it is very important to have a separation between two courts, as well as around the court. Most of the time, this separation is made of mesh nets, which offer the best combination of quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness in the market of textile sports protection.
For tennis practice, we recommend installing square mesh protection nets with a diameter of 45 mm to 55 mm, considering that a tennis ball has a diameter between 6.350 and 6.668 cm.
The smaller the square mesh, the more resistant the net is to ball impacts.

Golf nets

According to regulations, a golf ball must have a diameter of at least 42.67 mm, which is why we recommend square mesh nets with a maximum diameter of 30 mm. We can install nets with heights of over 15 m.

Hockey nets

For ice hockey, we offer a wide range of mesh nets to be installed around the rink, in order to provide the best protection for spectators in case of puck projection outside of the playing area. We recommend installing high-tenacity nylon square mesh nets with a diameter of 25 mm for increased safety, considering the average size of a puck: 7.5 cm in diameter x 2.4 cm in height.

A turnkey solution

Our team of technical sales representatives works closely with our design department and travels throughout Europe to define your needs according to your specifications and offer you:

  • A turnkey solution
  • Adapted to your specific requirements
  • Custom-made
  • From manufacturing to installation
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