ORIGAMME® - 100% automatic tarpaulin arm

ORIGAMME® (formerly Manitop by Manitou) was born in 2000 in Western France to provide a mechanized solution to the tarping of containers.

A High-Quality System:

With a simple remote control, the driver can automatically cover an open top container container on a truck or trailer.

The tarping arm extends from the truck, goes around the container, and deploys the net over it.

This system is the most secured among all covering systems; there is no need for any manual handling except attaching the net to the container at the beginning and end, securing the elastics with a manipulation pole.

Approximately 150 units of our automatic covering system, ORIGAMME®, have been sold in France since 2000.

Responding to numerous customer requests, we optimized our system in 2016, resulting in a 35% weight reduction of our automatic covering system.

System Composition:

  • 1 fully-equipped automatic tarping arm
  • Nets specially designed for the system, with a choice of quality: NETLINE® SUP or NETLINE® COAT
  • 1 manipulation hook and fastening kit
  • 1 remote control for system operation

User feedback is highly positive, citing:

  • Ease of use Quick setup
  • High equipment quality
  • Durability over time
  • Weight reduction was the primary focus of our secure covering system in collaboration with an independent engineering firm.
We have reduced it by 35%, resulting in a total weight of 650 kg today instead of the initial 1 ton.

OTEXIO offers the sale of the system as well as protective nets and accessories.

As this system is manufactured in France, we provide all spare parts and maintenance directly from the factory.


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