Snow retention nets

Snow retention nets

Snow retention nets for ski jumping ramps are placed on the landing slopes to retain snow during winter.

Indeed, the slope is covered with slippery synthetic fibres so that the ramps can be used in the summer.

To ensure that the snow remains during winter, the slope must be equipped with large-mesh nets made of rope, which will retain the snow.

The nets are installed in the autumn, before the first snowfall, and are removed for the summer.

The nets are secured together with carabiners (3000 kg resistance - with safety latch). The nets are fixed to the crimps using 2 m polyamide ropes attached to the cables. We manufacture these custom snow retention nets according to the layout provided by the owners of the ramp.

We can perform on-site installation upon request.

Feel free to contact us to schedule a technician visit.

Our references:
  • Courchevel ski jump
  • Bussang ski jump


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