Secured automatic tarpaulin system ORIGAMME®

Made in France, our ORIGAMME® covering system is the best automatic covering system.

The advantages of the system

  • 100% radio-controlled net deployment: No manual manipulation required to deploy the net.
  • The nets detach from the roller: possibility to leave transfer containers.
  • Allows tarping and untarping of overflowing containers: the net is unrolled and rolled over the waste, reducing attachment points.
  • 2 in 1: one system with 2 nets to tarp the truck and trailer.
The ORIGAMME® has the huge advantage of being able to store at least 2 nets on its roller, allowing for tarping of 2 or more containers. The installation of the ORIGAMME® covering system on the truck complies with European standards for dimensions, as well as cyclist protection equipment.

Upon purchasing the system, the customer provides OTEXIO with the plans of their chassis. If you would like a demonstration of the ORIGAMME® covering system's operation, please contact our technical sales department.


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