Roll cover tarpaulin - ROLLCOVER®

Roll cover tarpaulin - ROLLCOVER®

The most commonly used system by agricultural cooperatives and containers manufacturers

On semi-trailers-trailers or containers loaders, the ROLLCOVER® tarpaulin system is the most widely used system by all transporters.

This tarpaulin system is easy to use, inexpensive, and efficient. However, it requires additional support on semi-trailers-trailers to bear the weight in case of rain. For containers loaders with a capacity of 40 m³ or less, we add ridge poles that create a slope to drain water in case of rain.

The driver stands in front of the containers loader and, using a crank, rotates a ruler positioned on one side of the tarpaulin in a sleeve along its entire length. This circular movement allows for easy uncovering of the containers loader and even passing over the overflowing material. The ROLLCOVER® tarpaulin is then secured to the containers loader using straps inserted into ratchet tensioners.

The tarpaulin has some reinforcements with metal bars to prevent the formation of water pockets.

In Germany, this tarpaulin system is called "Rollplane". It operates with a round tube instead of the ruler.

To avoid climbing into the containers loaders or onto the platforms on top of the containers loaders and further reduce falls from height, we have added a manipulation pole (pole) to the range, which allows for deploying the tarpaulin or net from the ground.


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