Knitted micro-mesh skip nets

Micro-mesh knitted containers nets are highly used nets in waste transportation.

They are very affordable in price as the material is the least expensive of all transport nets.

Many drivers have developed the habit of choosing these containers nets due to their flexibility and ease of handling and storage on trucks.
OTEXIO offers this lightweight and flexible net for its customers accustomed to this quality.

The knitted net is recommended for covering containers loaded with non-abrasive and non-sharp objects or waste such as paper, cardboard, foam, etc.

For the material, we have selected a factory that offers a very good quality treated with UV protection and made from virgin polyethylene.

Manufacturing of micro-mesh knitted containers nets

In standard manufacturing, knitted micro-mesh nets provide a double seam reinforcement.

We install eyelets every 0.50m and a bungee cord around the perimeter: the net is ready to use.

Of course, we can work on this fabric according to any custom manufacturing based on the specific requirements of the field.

The net can be equipped with tarpaulin hems, reinforcements in certain areas, and we can work on specific shapes.

Contact our team of technicians for any specific request, they will guide you on the most suitable knitted containers net for your needs.


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