LiteCover® setup accessories

LiteCover® setup accessories

The LiteCover® / SAFECOVER® tarping system consists of a complete package of accessories necessary for installing the net on the container.

The LiteCover® / SAFECOVER® System:

  • 1 net per truck and 1 net per trailer LiteCover® / SAFECOVER®: (dimensions vary depending on the container's volume)
  • 1 handling hook + 1 boom + 1 handle: used to easily deploy the net over the waste. One set is required per truck or trailer combination.
  • 2 fastening kits: for secure and durable attachment of the system to the truck.
  • Individual or group training on-site provided by OTEXIO.
  • 1 LiteCover® maintenance kit.

Use of Accessories:

The tarp is installed using a handling pole connected to a boom that is inserted into the net's sleeve. To facilitate the manipulation of the LiteCover® / SAFECOVER® tarping system, we have added a handle. These accessories, protected by 2 European invention patents, are integral parts of the LiteCover® and SAFECOVER® tarping systems. They have also evolved over time based on equipment and customer feedback.

Evolution of Accessories:

In response to feedback from our customers, we developed a more robust and user-friendly handling pole for tarping and untarping containers. OTEXIO collaborated with an engineering firm at INSA Lyon to design a more ergonomic product. After several trials, we developed a simple and lightweight handling hook with a wheel for easy sliding on the container's side. The boom was significantly lightened and simplified, reducing the total weight from 4.5 kg to 2.5 kg.

Subsequently, customers requested a handle. We developed a unique adjustable product that can be placed anywhere on the handling hook to accommodate each user of the LiteCover® / SAFECOVER® tarping system.


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