Pond cover nets

Pond cover nets

The waters of retention basins for wastewater or polluted water in industries or waste treatment must be treated.

This treatment and depollution have a significant cost, which is why owners are often looking for a waterproof cover for the basin.

3 solutions for waterproof basin covers

  • There are floating covers that are placed on the water and therefore do not require a structure to support them. This solution is cost-effective but has the disadvantage of blocking access to the basin for cleaning and maintenance operations that are carried out very regularly.
  • Then there is the solution of a tarpaulin with straps on the periphery of foundations. This solution is offered by OTEXIO. The water is then collected in the centre of the cover and pumped outside the basin.
  • Finally, a third solution exists to cover the basins, which is a framework solution without central support. It has the great advantage of allowing free access for maintenance and cleaning operations. It also allows the evaporation of water. The tarpaulin covers the basin with a height under the ridge of more than 2m, which allows operators to move under the basin cover. The tarpaulin creates a greenhouse effect that raises the temperature under the cover and consequently causes evaporation of the water in the basin. This evaporation goes out in the air through the openings that we provide for this purpose.
OTEXIO offers these three types of basin cover solutions based on the requirements, preferences, and budgets of each of our clients.

Our sales team is at your disposal to help you choose the solution that is suitable for your site and within your budget.

Depending on the chosen technical solution, OTEXIO carries out the study, supply, and installation of the entire protection system in France and Germany with a specialized team.


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