Nets and protective covers for the industry and construction sector


Your custom safety net for buildings and industry

OTEXIO specializes in the study, design, manufacturing, and installation of textile protection, such as nets and tarps. We work in the industry for various applications.

We offer a complete range of fall protection nets for factories and buildings. These nets comply with the EN1263-1 standard for human fall protection solutions. To preventthe dropping of material during work at heights, you can use a safety net for buildings. We also make all types of fall nets, pallet nets, object nets, and safety nets for storage racks to prevent any risk of accidents, etc.

In addition, we design, manufacture, and install separation nets for industries to divide or isolate workspaces within a large area.

From study to installation, textile solutions tailored to the needs of the industry.

A comprehensive approach:

  • Identification of needs and project study:
    • On-site visit to analyse your request and specific terrain characteristics,
    • Project development by our design department
    • Presentation and adjustment of the offer
  • Custom manufacturing of structures:
    • Concrete foundations
    • Posts
  • Supply of nets and accessories:
    • Micromesh nets for privacy screens and windbreaks
    • Mesh nets for anti-bird protection
    • Galvanized steel, wood, or aluminium posts, etc.
    • Precast concrete for structure weighting
  • Custom installation with the intervention of specialized trades:
    • Masonry, for long-term projects
    • Experienced installers for nets
    • Work at heights, hard-to-reach areas, etc.


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