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A team of OTEX'perts dedicated to your projects for personalized and reassuring support !

With its experience and technical teams deployed closest to waste management clients, OTEXIO offers you support and turnkey solutions for the design and implementation of all your projects.
Committed to fighting against scattering and protecting the environment, we have developed an offer and expertise dedicated to the issues of landfill sites, sorting centres, recycling centres, waste collection centres, logistics platforms and the like. The nuisances caused by waste scattering and their impact on the environment deserve special attention.

Thanks to our know-how acquired from major waste management players, we have become the reference in the field of metal-textile solutions dedicated to waste containment and covering.

With a wide range of products designed for the protection of people and for waste transport/collection, we have been able to understand and observe this complex environment, identify the daily issues faced by our clients, and innovate to offer tailored solutions for each site.

Our anti-litter netting structures, cages (Fenceline®), and coverings (Coverline®) are all custom-made and meticulously studied by our teams and our in-house engineering department to provide you with the best advice, the optimal solution for your site, and the sizing that will ensure the structure is durable and robust over time.

Our most original achievements:
  • Removable bird-proof cages measuring 50 m x 50 m,
  • Mobile anti-litter nets for winds of 180 km/h in areas with strong mistral winds,
  • Mobile windbreak screens along highways with a height of over 6 m,
  • 25 m high dust protection.

For all your projects, OTEXIO and its team adhere to a quality charter and a proven 5-points operating mode:

A good solution starts with a good diagnosis.
Our team of technical sales representatives, in collaboration with our design department, travels to your site, develops the specifications with you, advises you on the optimal option to address your issues, and sizes and adapts each proposed solution based on several variables: type of waste, dimensions, wind speed and direction, type of soil, type of fixation, site access, budget, etc.

Upon validation of your order and after agreement on precise technical specifications, our workshops manufacture all the necessary elements for the realization of your project, tailor-made: posts, modular blocks, nets, windbreaks, tunnels, retractable cover on arches, etc.

We supply standard or custom products, making the scope of possibilities almost infinite.
We offer different structures and various materials: steel structures (fixed, semi-fixed, removable), wood, aluminium, composite, concrete, self-supporting structures, mobile, retractable, etc.

With a team of specialists in metalworking and expert installers of nets and other textile solutions, our OTEX'perts provide quality work in a safe manner.
Upon receipt of your materials, our installation teams will go to your site to assist your operators with the installation of the product.

Our technical sales representatives will ensure the follow-up of your installation and remain at your disposal for any request throughout the duration of the project, providing support after commissioning.


Trust the OTEX'pertise experience and ensure a successful project.

OTEXIO places great importance on the success of its clients, the safety of its agents, and the protection of the environment. Each of its solutions is designed to satisfy every link in the chain.

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