PROTECPIT® workshop pit safety nets

For the safety of employees, many maintenance workshops for trucks and utility vehicles are equipped with maintenance pits. These pits provide access for operators underneath the truck to reach the engine, axles, and perform maintenance tasks such as oil changes, etc.

A workshop pit measures approximately 1 metre in width and 1.5 metres in depth. When there is no truck on top, it becomes an open breach, posing a real danger for operators who work around it all day or during night-time.

Serious accidents have occurred, with people falling into the pit and often suffering tragic injuries because they did not see the pit lacking a protective net.

As a result, owners and safety organizations have sought security solutions to close these pits when they are not in use.

Workshop Pit Net : PROTECPIT®

After studying the issue, OTEXIO has developed and patented a special protective net to close and secure these pits in case of a fall. This product has been dimensioned by an independent engineering firm. All attachment and fastening means are designed to catch a person falling into the net. We provide the entire protective net, including the necessary fixing accessories, which will be determined based on the type of pit to be equipped and the accessories to be retained, such as oil pans and pit jacks.

Our product is compliant with the R468 recommendations of the CTNIM. We also perform the installation of our workshop pit protection system on-site in France and Germany. Our team of technicians travels to the site to work with our clients and determine the product that best suits the daily risks and constraints of pit users.

Discover PROTECPIT® in video format here.


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