Tarpaulin systems

To prevent containers falls during covering and uncovering operations, OTEXIO has developed a range of secure covering systems for over 20 years.

Indeed, all trucks, trailers, and containers that transport waste must be covered by a tarp or net.

These operations are carried out at height on semi-trailers-trailers or roll-off containers, which poses a high risk of falls and serious accidents. In order to reduce these risks, transport companies are looking for simple, effective and secure systems with the main objective of preventing drivers from climbing into the containers.

Tarp and net manufacturers have logically turned to the research and creation of this type of system.

To meet all challenges and budgets, OTEXIO has developed 4 ranges of secure covering systems:

Our secure covering systems are available in video format here.

Our technical sales representatives are at your disposal to discuss your challenges, according to your profession or the frequency of tarping/untarping, and find the most suitable solution for your needs.


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