Container sheeting from the ground : what is it and what are the benefits?

In road transportation of materials, industrial waste, and green waste, covering containers is a priority for safety and load protection. Covering container with tarps or nets is highly favored by many companies, including those specialized in construction work.

This ultra-secured method involves installing tarps on a container or open-top container from the ground, requiring specialized technical skills. At OTEXIO, manufacturer of custom LiteCover® & SafeCover® nets and tarps for professionals in the industry, transport, and environment, our teams provide you with a ground-based covering system. This system secures and protects operators while enhancing the load. Ground-based covering system is an innovative solution for saving time and increasing productivity.

Ground-based covering system

What is ground-based covering system ? The technique involves manipulating a LiteCover® net or tarp from the ground rather than from a height. This ground-based covering solution requires the intervention of a single operator on the ground or from a factory or waste disposal platform. The manual operation of tarping is done from one side of the truck container or container using lightweight, reliable, ergonomic, and functional accessories:

The manual ground-based covering system follows a simple and quick process:
  • Insert the boom into the LiteCover® net's sleeve designed for it.
  • The boom is equipped with a fixed handle for ease of manipulation.
  • Attach one end of the net to the container's hooks using cords to facilitate manipulation.
  • Slide the hook along the trailer's edge for ease of use.
  • Cover the entire container's load.
  • Properly position the net along the container's edges using the net's manipulation straps and the hook.
  • Securely fasten the net to the container's hooks all around its perimeter.
According to the Highway Code (Article R312-19), all precautions must be taken regarding safety. The loading of a trailer or truck container must not pose a danger to other road users during transport. Any load protruding or potentially protruding during transit must be securely tied down. The protective net or tarp must also be optimally fixed to the container. Regardless of the load's nature (bulk, green waste, debris), the driver is obligated to use an appropriate tarping system for secure transport.

Advantages of ground-based covering

The ground-based covering system for truck containers, trailers, or containers offers numerous benefits for your business as well as for the safety of your employees and operators:
  • Tarping operations are done from the ground, eliminating the risk of falls associated with working at heights.
  • Increased productivity: installing the tarp net or tarp is efficient and rapid, ensuring load protection in less than 3 minutes.
  • Single operator intervention: ground-based covering requires the involvement of a single operator.
  • This method provides a comfortable working position.
  • Manual tarping reduces work strain and contributes to reducing MSDs.
  • This system requires minimal maintenance.
  • Ground-based covering is compliant with safety standards.
  • Fixation straps are permanently under tension.
  • The tarp net can be adapted to existing equipment.

Existing Solutions Today (RCover)

Among the secured covering systems we offer at OTEXIO, discover the innovative high-end RCover® system. RCover® is a sliding rail-based truck container tarping system. By choosing our RCover® system to cover your containers, trailers, or open-top containers, you ensure a quality choice. RCover® offers several advantages:

  • Covering is done from the ground in under 30 seconds, eliminating any accident risk.
  • Your load is 100% secure and protected.
  • The system can be manipulated from any side of the truck (right, left, bottom of the container, from a factory or waste disposal platform).
  • The RCover® system is highly robust over time, with low maintenance costs, making your investment worthwhile.
  • The system's substantial load coverage helps preserve the environment (no risk of waste escaping during transport).
Adopting our innovative sliding rail-based tarping system RCover® means choosing the comfort, safety, performance, and practicality of a protection solution without cables and positioning constraints. If you'd like to learn more about our RCover® system, you can contact us directly.