Woven micro-mesh skip nets NETLINE®

In order to ensure quality, since the beginning of its activity in the manufacturing of micro-mesh containers nets, OTEXIO has focused on woven nets.

They are called "woven" because the vertical and horizontal threads (warp and weft) are parallel.

Our protection nets for containers and trucks

OTEXIO has always selected nets from European factories for its clients.

We offer high-quality woven nets using first-choice polyethylene raw material. This raw material is not recycled, it is virgin, and the threads are treated with UV protection to withstand the most unfavourable weather conditions. Regularly, we weigh and test the fabrics that make up our nets to monitor the quality of the products manufactured by our workshops.

The advantage is that these woven nets have a very strong tear propagation resistance because the threads lock when they are under tension, which means that the holes enlarge much slower than in knitted nets.

Finally, these woven nets have a great advantage during their use. Indeed, they are quite rigid and therefore perfectly adapted to covering transport containers, regardless of the nature of the materials being transported. Our containers nets slide well on waste, vegetation, straw, and metals. They are therefore very easy to install and remove from containers. All these qualities make them durable over time.

Manufacturing of woven micro-mesh containers nets

We tailor these nets according to the needs of our clients: standard nets for containers, for semi-trailers-trailers and articulated lorries, for waste press-containers, for moving floor frame nets, for the transport of straw and vegetation, etc.

Standard manufacturing: all our containers nets are made with a double thickness hem and double stitching, with eyelets placed every 0.50m to pass the elastic cord around the perimeter.
Customized manufacturing: our nets can be equipped with reinforced hems, reinforcement at areas of significant friction, choice of eyelet spacing, sewing of handling straps, etc.

Request a visit from a technician to find the containers net that suits your needs.

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