The filtering big bag category is intended for the storage, transport, and handling of liquid or pasty waste that needs filtration to separate liquids from solids, such as:

  • Sludge
  • Concrete washout
  • Paint
  • Contaminated soil

To enable filtration, we offer several options: a non-woven Polypropylene lining inside and a strip on the outside for water drainage, weaving with a 200μm mesh, mosquito netting.

Clogging and waste filtration depend on its nature and the type of weaving.

To facilitate the use of this type of big bag, we recommend using a specific support.

We have in stock a range of 3 references in standard dimensions, from 0.8 to 1.4m3, to be selected based on various criteria: Internal dimensions, maximum load, fabric weight, filling type, drainage type, safety factor, and more.

Our team of Technical Sales professionals is at your disposal to guide you in selecting the most suitable reference for your needs.


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