A disposable big bag or a full discharge big bag is a specific type of bulk bag designed to allow complete and efficient discharge of the material it contains.

This type of big bag is ideal for bulk materials that require complete and residue-free emptying.

Here are some key features of a disposable big bag:

  • Unlike standard big bags that have a top opening for filling, the disposable big bag is equipped with a discharge bottom.
  • The discharge bottom is a part of the bag that allows for complete emptying of the contents.
  • The big bag is generally equipped with a discharge system that can be activated to allow for quick and complete emptying of the material.
  • This system can be a flap opening, a zipper opening, or another mechanism that facilitates discharge.
  • To prevent leaks or material losses during transport or storage, the disposable big bag is equipped with a secure closure system at the discharge bottom. Once the bag is filled, this closure is activated to keep the contents in place.
  • The disposable big bag is designed to be handled using suitable equipment such as forklifts, hoists or cranes.
  • They are generally equipped with straps or loops to facilitate safe lifting and movement. 


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