Our tips for choosing the right truck tarp for your needs

Transport tarpaulins are indispensable for securing and protecting truck bodies. Whether it's goods or waste, transported materials must never end up on public roads. Additionally, materials carried in these containers need protection from weather and sunlight to maintain their condition. To ensure load security and protection, choosing an appropriate protective tarp is essential. 

Based on your requirements, there are different types of truck tarps. At OTEXIO, we offer a wide selection of quality tarps known for their durability and long lifespan. If you want to know more about the importance of selecting the right tarp, this article explains it all.

Choosing a tarp suitable for transporting cardboard 

Paper Cardboard and paper are relatively lightweight materials that can easily be carried away by the wind. They are also porous materials that can quickly absorb water in rain or humid conditions. This can pose a real issue during the transportation of these types of waste. Due to their lightweight nature, losing them on the road is a concern. Rain can make paper and cardboard heavier, increasing the truck's load.

To keep these materials dry, using a PVC tarp is recommended. It's a versatile tarp that provides optimal protection against various weather conditions. PVC is ideal for safeguarding loads of paper and cardboard as it's both sturdy and waterproof. Additionally, PVC tarps are treated to withstand UV rays effectively. PU tarps are also of excellent quality for transporting non-sharp waste.

Truck tarps for scrap metal transport

Scrap metal is typically composed of various metal waste items, some of which can be particularly sharp. Scrap metal also tends to rust when exposed to moisture and adverse weather conditions. These waste items can pose significant danger if they fall, especially to other road users. A regular transport tarp isn't strong enough for scrap metal loads; it's better to opt for better protection. Reinforced tarps are highly resistant to sharp materials like metal pieces. Another effective protection for this case is the heavy-duty solid PVC tarp. Made from polyester with a double-sided PVC coating, it boasts strong weather resistance. It prevents any water infiltration from coming into contact with the bin's contents. This tarp is of high quality, with a weight that can reach up to 900g/m². This weight not only ensures the tarp's durability but also provides optimal load support. This type of tarp is suitable for transporting scrap metal as well as heavy and potentially sharp materials such as glass and various metals.

Appropriate tarps for mud transport

Looking for proper protection for a mud-laden bin?In this case, the tarp must be perfectly waterproof. Mud can be somewhat liquid and challenging to transport. It can be natural soil-based mud or construction site mud, or even wastewater treatment plant mud. Mud is messy and can be viscous, so it's crucial to avoid losing any during transportation.

Once again, the PVC tarp is best suited for this type of waste. It's made from polyester that provides good load support resistance. The PVC, in the form of a coating, makes the tarp perfectly waterproof. On one hand, it prevents rainwater from infiltrating the bin. On the other hand, it keeps the mud from escaping outside. This is a standard tarp, usable for most non-hazardous goods and waste. If these materials are not abrasive, you can opt for a lower weight than for sharp materials transport. A weight of about 600 g/m² is sufficient here.

Truck tarps for agricultural product transport

Agricultural products encompass all goods and waste originating from the agricultural sector. These can include food products like grains, as well as straw, hay, and plant waste. Subject to moisture, these organic-origin materials tend to rot quickly. They are also very volatile due to their lightweight nature. To protect food products properly and ensure the proper handling of agricultural waste, waterproof tarps are essential. The PVC truck tarp is perfectly suited for this type of material. By choosing high-quality PVC protection, you preserve the state of transported goods and waste. This way, agricultural products are shielded from adverse weather and sunlight, which can damage them. These tarps come in various models with different dimensions and colors. They easily adapt to truck containers and agricultural machinery to ensure product protection during transportation. For this type of load, we recommend opting for a medium-weight tarp, around 600 g/m².

Now you understand why there are several types of tarps. Their different characteristics make them suitable for protecting specific types of waste. They are a true guarantee of the integrity of transported materials. To ensure you choose a high-quality tarp, it's important to turn to an expert like OTEXIO. A professional is better equipped to guide and advise you on choosing the best truck tarp.

In addition to providing you with a tarp tailored to your needs, we offer fastening solutions and various options to ensure the security and stability of your loads.