Other secure sheeting systems
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Other secure sheeting systems

Since 1995, OTEXIO has been working on the issue of safety during skip and truck covering and uncovering operations.

Indeed, all trucks, trailers and skips that transport waste must be covered with a tarpaulin or net.

These covering and uncovering operations are often done at great height on semi-trailers or hooklift skips. The risk of falling is therefore relatively high and accidents can be serious.
In order to reduce the risk of workplace accidents associated with falling from a truck or skip during covering and uncovering operations, transport companies are looking for simple and effective solutions so that drivers don’t have to climb up and into the skips to install the net or tarpaulin.

Tarpaulins and net manufacturers are therefore obviously researching, if not creating these kinds of systems.

OTEXIO developed its patented SAFECOVER® covering system in 2003 and then expanded its range in line with its customer demand.

This is why we developed the sliding net and tarpaulin system that is very easy to use and consists of a net or tarpaulin that slides over the cables.

We also offer a system that is often used in recycling and agriculture and fitted to many semi-trailers: roll-over tarpaulin. This tarpaulin is fixed to the skip and winds around a roller using a handle that can also be operated from the ground. This system, known as Rollplane, is widely used in Germany.

The frame nets are also suitable for use on 30 to 40 m3 skips on the chassis or on ground level, but also for semi-trailers or moving floor trailers manufactured by Legras, Benalu, STAS and others. We offer several qualities that are suitable for retro-fitting.

We also offer replacement nets as well as handling accessories for hooklift sheeting systems made by independent manufacturers such as “HyTower”, TransCover or Palcover.

Lastly, we have re-launched a hooklift sheeting system invented in 2000 by a company called Manitou. This system, originally called Manitop, and now known as ORIGAMME® has been streamlined and works perfectly for covering hooklift skips on trucks but also on trailers.

Other secure sheeting systems