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The no. 1 supplier in Europe of textile solutions for waste management

With more than 30 years of experience, OTEXIO is your single point of contact to accompany you in all your waste collection, transportation, and treatment projects.

Get into OTEXIO's: a complete and innovative range of nets, tarps, Big Bags, and anti-litter netting solutions.

We accompany you from conception to installation of your systems and projects with reliability, attention, and innovation to protect both people and the environment.


The heart of our business

Established in 1957, OTEXIO formerly known as CORDERIE VINCENT is historically a braiding factory. Over the years, and especially since 2003, it has evolved its expertise to become a leader in the design, custom manufacturing, and installation of nets, covers, and textile protection solutions in the recycling, transportation, and industrial sectors.
Renamed OTEXIO in 2018, the company is now the number one provider in Europe of solutions for the protection of people working in the waste sector, as well as for nature protection and anti-fall solutions. By acquiring CONTAINERS SERVICE (a company specialized in innovative and reusable industrial packaging) in 2021, OTEXIO is committed to a virtuous circle of sales with the reuse of packaging.

A European presence

Our team of technicians, present in Europe, comes on-site to listen to its customers and offer turnkey solutions adapted to the specific challenges of each location. Outside of France, we are developing a network of distributors who market our technical solutions directly to their customers. (Germany, Spain, Benelux, etc.)

A single point of contact  

With a range of products designed for waste management, OTEXIO meets your needs for textile solutions to equip your vehicles, skip trucks and sites: nets, tarpaulins, big bags, tarpaulin systems, etc.
From disposal and transport to waste treatment, we have strengthened our offer with products and services designed to make your life easier.
Our Otex'perts are available, in your language, to show you our wide range of innovative, high-quality solutions and support you in your operational issues.

Customized solutions

For each sector, we offer turnkey, tailor-made solutions adapted to the specific challenges of the field:


Environment and Industry:


  • Nets and protective structures for playgrounds and stadiums: golf practice areas, football stadiums, athletics stadiums, gyms, etc.
  • Customized production and manufacturing of nets, tarpaulins, and ropes for adventure parks and recreational areas,
  • Snow retention nets for ski jumping ramps.

Our values - Reliability | Attention | Innovation

With 30 years of experience in the fields of environment, transportation, and industry, OTEXIO is above all a family company with related values. We prioritize human beings, quality, and the long term by positioning ourselves as OTEX experts in environmental preservation solutions.

Reliability: Because reliability, which is expressed daily through trust, responsibility, and the quality of the proposed solutions, is the foundation of the organization.

Attention: Because the OTEXIO teams listen to each of their clients to provide them with customized solutions and make their lives easier.

Innovation: Because innovation, which has always been at the heart of the company, is the main driver of its development, demonstrated by the desire to always go further, and by the commitment and anticipation of its teams.

Thanks to our now European presence, our observation and knowledge of our customers' routine, as well as our network of factories and engineers, we develop technical solutions that allow our clients to increase productivity and safety, and therefore be more competitive in the long term. Our nets and tarps, as well as all our products, are manufactured according to demanding quality processes that make them last over time, reducing nuisances to improve everyone's daily life.

Our mission: Protecting People and the Environment

OTEXIO works for the protection of people on one hand: securing tarping, innovating in solutions that reduce hardship, preventing accidents during waste transportation. But also in the protection of the environment by acting at the source: intercepting waste before it becomes a nuisance in nature, reducing waste dispersal, avoiding the use and extraction of new virgin raw materials by helping transform waste into resources.

Now, OTEXIO is committed to reducing overconsumption and offering a range of reuse products that allow the integration of the product into a new sales cycle and give it a second life. Thus, let's turn waste into a new resource by transitioning from a linear economy to a circular economy!

The entire company is focused on customer satisfaction in order to innovate daily and provide a quality service.
This strategy allows us, today, to have the trust of major players in various sectors of activity:

Do not hesitate to contact us to discover our new products in: tarpaulin systems, nets and tarps for bins and truck transport, bin protection film, anti-fall nets/ anti-dust/windbreak nets, pond cover, anti-odor tarp, anti-fall safety nets and cover/separation tarp, nets and tarps for golf practice areas, nets and tarps for gyms, snow retention nets for ski jump ramps, nets and tarps for adventure parks for activity and leisure parks, …