Waterproof tarpaulin for transportation and storage
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Waterproof tarpaulin for transportation and storage

OTEXIO specialises in making waterproof tarpaulins for transport and storage.

Over the years and in order to provide the best products and services to our customers; we have also added tarpaulins for the transport sector to our product range.

Indeed, very often transported goods need to be protected from water and humidity: rain and snow, which a simple net cannot do.

Our customers in the waste transport sector (paper, cardboard, scrap and ordinary industrial waste), but also other goods or agricultural product transport sector, have started to ask for impermeable tarpaulins.

We have therefore added waterproof tarpaulin to our product range. Sometimes our customers simply want an on-site storage tarpaulin to protect their goods and waste from water during storage and not for transport. As a result, we have developed the lightest and easiest-to-install tarpaulins on the market. We have decided to call them storage tarpaulins.

The waterproof fabrics have been chosen from the leading coated fabric manufacturers in Europe.

They are made from a core of polyester, high tenacity, multi-filament yarn making the fabric very strong.

The fabric is then reinforced with waterproof polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The woven core of the Polyethylene tarpaulins is made from flat polyethylene yarns reinforced with a PE layer to make them waterproof.

Our products are made using the latest ultrasonic welding technologies as well as hot welding methods.

The standard tarpaulins are made with a sealed or stitched reinforced border onto which eyelets are fitted every 0.50 m. We then thread bungee cord through the rope border so the tarpaulin can be secured to the truck or skip.

For custom-made tarpaulins, our Sales Technical team spread throughout France is available to take the dimensions on-site and create the bespoke product that you want.

  • A comprehensive range of waterproof transport tarpaulins
  • Protection against rain and snow
  • Transport of sludge, paper, cardboard, scrap
  • Transport of straw and hay
  • Standard or custom-made
  • Stock can be delivered within 24 to 48 hours.
Waterproof tarpaulin for transportation and storage