Transport tarpaulins
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Transport tarpaulins

OTEXIO has developed a range of transport tarpaulins to meet customer demand. 

Our customers use our truck tarpaulins in many ways: skip tarpaulins, trailer tarpaulins for straw transport, industrial waste skips, hazardous waste skips, grain skips, sewage plant sludge skips, and furniture transport skips.

For the transport of skips when the contents must not get wet, such as Eco-mobilier skips, cereal skips, sludge skips or animal slaughter waste skips, it is important to have a quality waterproof tarpaulin that covers the skip and prevents rain from coming into contact with the transported product.

The main difficulty when using transportation tarpaulins is installing them on the skips or trucks.

We therefore offer a wide range of transportation tarpaulins with different characteristics to solve the problems faced by transporters, understanding that we must find the best weight-resistance solution.

Therefore, if the goods being transported are very sharp, or if there is a lot of friction, we take care to advise our customers on the strongest transportation tarpaulin adapted to their needs (the standard tarpaulin is the reference tarpaulin TARPLINE 600).

Each product has a specific use. This is why our sales team is always there to carefully listen to our customers to help them find the best transport tarpaulin according to their constraints and needs with custom-made designs that adapt to the types of skips and semi-trailers,

Transport tarpaulins