LiteCover® Dump truck mesh tarp system
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LiteCover® Dump truck mesh tarp system

Safety | the facts

When tarping skips and dump trucks became compulsory in the 1990s, a significant safety issue linked to tarping and detarping operations quickly became apparent.

Indeed, 30 to 40 m3 skips are over 2.5 m high and this height can be over 4 m when the skip is on the truck or for tipper semi-trailers.

There have been many serious accidents involving drivers falling into the skip while tarping. Nevertheless, covering skips remains compulsory, as waste flying out during transport can cause even more serious accidents on the road (sand, rocks, debris, dirt, etc.). Waste transport professionals are therefore looking for efficient dump truck mesh tarp system solutions to make tarping and detarping skips safer.

The solution provided by OTEXIO

As a partner of transport professionals, OTEXIO naturally examined the question to develop a simple, effective, safe and cost-effective product.

The LiteCover® dump truck mesh tarp system came out in September 2003 and was patented in France and Europe.

Since then, OTEXIO has sold over 10,000 systems in France and abroad. Our technical engineers continue to develop it to make tarping and detarping operations increasingly quicker and more convenient for dump trucks, but also dump trailers, semi-trucks, tippers, dumpsters, etc.

Why choose our safe manual dump truck mesh tarp system?

Thanks to our expertise, you can:

  • rest easy, knowing that you are improving your operators’ safety and building their loyalty.
  • improve the productivity of tarping and detarping operations of your skips.
  • save money since the manual dump truck mesh tarp system is much cheaper than semi-automatic and fully automatic secure tarping systems.

The LiteCover® kit includes:

  • 1 mesh tarp per truck and 1 mesh tarp per trailer. These mesh tarps are available in different qualities and sizes (e.g., 6×10, 6×4, 5×8, etc.).
  • a pole, a rod and a handle allowing easy deployment of the mesh tarp over the waste. One set of these installation parts is needed per truck or truck and trailer combination.
  • fastener kits to attach the system simply and securely to the truck.
  • training: operating the dump truck mesh tarp system requires training provided by OTEXIO in France and abroad as a training body.
  • various accessories which make using the LiteCover® manual tarp system even more practical over time.

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LiteCover® Dump truck mesh tarp system